Monday, December 8, 2014

What I see

I know when I help people that are homeless or in need I see this a lot, I'm not going to write a huge post today, but I watched this and it brought a tear so I hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you for reading my blog, I normally write awesome things which people can read past post but this link meant a lot to me and I had to share.

Have a great day people and remember " If you take the word Homeless from Homeless Person then you are left with only the word Person"

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Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Christmas BBQ Done

WOOHOO it’s done and over and yes I’m tired and hurting, but it was worth every bit of it.

The 2014 Christmas Homeless BBQ is done and a lot of people were helped. I always say these events are not one person it’s the community coming together to help those who are hitting hard times when they need it most and this event was no exception.

Hundreds of Homeless and People in Need came and got free awesome food (5star), clothes, blankets, kids toys, toiletries, awesome knitted wears and of course all the kids and even a few BIG kids got a wrapped Christmas present from Santa.

Now I would like to mention some of the awesome people that helped make this Christmas Homeless BBQ the event it was .

A call was put out there for people to come and help with loading trucks and things on the Saturday for Sunday’s big event, Dave Hurst not only throw his hand up but coming from the Gold Coast brought a truck to load and carry it back home and then brought to the event in Brisbane. Now that’s awesome and a big help, but this guy busted his butt all day helping and stuck around when most helpers left and loaded that same truck to return again. Dave it’s people like you that keep these events going. Proud to know you mate.

Believe it or not hundreds of Homeless or People in Need come to these events come and eat a lot of food, while some even take away “Doggie Bags”. Jerome Dalton from Dalton’s Hospitality turned up and sponsored all the food and drinks for this event which they have done for many other events. Jerome your amazing mate and I’m proud to just know you because of your awesome heart.


Now there’s a groups that come every event and in my book they never get enough credit for the AWESOME GREAT things they do. Karen and the “Knitting for Brisbane’s Needy” have about 1,000 members and they are always knitting blankets, beanies and things just to come to events like this with 1,000’s of items and give for free to Homeless and People in Need. Lots of love there.

I had the chance to meet a new organization yesterday and that’s Orange Sky. These guys are awesome, they have a van and inside is clothes washing machines and driers so Homeless can come and hand them clothes and wait while it’s being washed, dried and returned nice fresh and clean, but the best thing is it’s free for them. Awesome guys and my pleasure to meet you.

Now the next person is amazing, Belinda Adams great heart even brought tears of joy to “Bernie the Polite Girl”, Belinda done one of the most unselfish things I’ve seen in a long time, she contacted family and friends and asked them not to buy her a Christmas present, but instead buy a present to be given to homeless kids and kids that may not be getting anything at all from Santa (parents). Family and friends thought it was a awesome idea and started asking the same of others.


Turning up with this huge awesome looking bus there was wrapped presents stacked far and wide inside. We asked Santa (Rod Hyatt) to join them and hand out presents and let me tell you it was golden and I’m sure made the day for many of smiling kids to have a special day that they will remember for a very long time.

Now I have mentioned some really awesome people and without being mean left the best to last, Benedikte Palings “Bernie the Polite Girl”. Now Bernie has worked so hard putting this event together organizing everything with me over the last 8 weeks and like me not asking for one coin doing it, in fact paying out of her own pocket when needed. I will say because my health is not great this event may not have happened at all if it wasn’t for “Bernie the Polite Girl” doing what she does and that’s live life with heart.

I want to add here that hundreds helped with this event to make it awesome and I wish I could write everyone’s short story but it would be too long, I will say Thank you to you and know without you it wouldn’t be the community coming together.

Now everyone going to say how awesome it is to help Homeless and People in Need. But I say these events are awesome but I want to open a Thrift shop that gives free clothes and things to homeless 7 days a week. If you think it’s a good idea please donate and help with the link below.


Thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day. If you like my writing please donate in the donation button on the top left of screen.

Grant Richards

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Homeless BBQ 30th of Nov

Yesterday I was selling my Big Issue magazines at the corner of Adelaide and Creek St when someone came up to me saying “I thought you got on your feet! What happened?” I replied “Gave it a go but failed, but the best thing is that I had a go and will get back on my feet again” with a smile, you see I think someone failing at something is not as bad as not trying at all. In fact I always say to homeless or people in need “if you don’t try you will never know”.

I have to say I’m happy and content in a huge way because I found the one thing I’m very good at and that’s helping people. I’m proud to say that I know some of the most amazing people there is and we come together to put these Homeless BBQ’s on and they really do make a huge difference in people’s lives, which we do every 8 weeks.

 I’ve been invited to many weddings from people that I have got on their feet and meet someone special to live happy ever after, well most do haha.

This Sunday the 30th of Nov we are holding another Homeless and People in Need BBQ at Musgrave Park from 10am to 2pm. But this time it’s going to be a Christmas Homeless BBQ which means Santa will be giving kids that may not get anything from their parents will get something special from Santa and I’m sure for most will bring a huge smile and I’d like to think maybe, just maybe bring that safe and magical feeling of everything is okay to be a kid to at least one and forget hard times and feel that life is good.

But here’s what I do know, 400 – 1,000 Homeless or People in Need will come and get free Food, Clothes, Blankets, Toiletries and much more including a present from Santa and helping people to not just have clothes and things but respect as well. One of the things that make our events so successful is the fact that homeless and people in need come and not one thing is for sale. We have a saying and that’s “Not one coin is exchanged at our events, because homeless don’t have money so why ask for any” even our volunteers don’t pay for their food which I might add is mostly done by Dalton’s Hospitality

 For a person that has nothing and in some cases looked down a pond this means a lot if not everything and maybe the start of a new start in life.

Bernie the Polite Girl and I do hundreds of hours for every Homeless BBQ  doing preparations for these events, and I have to say we do so much work for not getting paid that I almost every event say “It’s too much to do we have to ask others to help”  Then we smile and get back to doing everything we are doing.

So if you need help or want to help please come down and say hi this Sunday the 30th and say “Hi” or you can contact me directly from details below.

I’d like to thank you all for reading my post and I hope you have a great day.

Grant Richards

Grant the Polite Guy

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Wynnum the start of a Legacy

WooHoo I have done it.

WooHoo I have done it.

This is 100% done, agreement made. I am opening a NEW shop in Wynnum that has two sides to it. One side being a Thrift shop that gives clothes to Homeless and People in Need free 7 days a week (10 items) and the second side being a Having a Go Coffee which only employs homeless and people in need after they have got on their feet and of course doing suspended coffee . WOOHOO.

This is a passion of mine, I have always wanted to be able to help homeless with clothes, toiletries, blankets and much needed things 7 days a week and be there for them when they need it most.

Homeless and people in need will be able to come and get free clothes and things while having a free coffee and something to eat. You all know of the Homeless BBQs well this is the next step.

I am proud and going to celebrate the fact its coming into action.

I know my health is bad with all thats going wrong, but the way I see it, if I start it then someone can continue it in the future and that means a lot of people are going to get huge help and really thats what its all about.

I cant do this on my own, I am asking if the community can come together to help me to help make this huge start to something great. I need everything for the Thrift side e.g racks and things, and everything for the coffee side counters, fridges, plumbers and an electrician. Plus needing signs. This wont fail because its going to be my legacy I leave for others to take over.

Can I add that this location is going to need a lot of volunteers to help give homeless free clothes and service.

I plan to open on the 1st of December, the day after our next huge Homeless BBQ event at Musgrave Park so we can help more people just before Christmas. Hey will event be able to make a change of direction for some and help them to start the New Year in a more positive way.

I have to say Im sooo excited about this WOOHOO

If you would like to join me please contact me or donate to putting this together.

St. George Bank

Grant Richards

BSB: 112879  ACC: 026900710 or I have a donation button on this blog.

Thank you for reading my blogspot and I hope you all have a great day.

Grant Richards

Grant the Polite Guy

0412 190 011

P.S WOOHOO this is going to help a lot of people.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Here I go again.

I don’t know how to put this, but I’m hitting hard times and have to go back to selling The Big Issue again, I’m not ashamed because I can hold my head up high and say “Hey I tried and will again, people hit rough patches in life” because of my health taking a bad turn for the worst and things haven’t gone right at all, the best thing I can do is take that step forward again and start selling magazines and start-over.

Now I don’t want people to worry, I’m still going to be doing the homeless BBQ’s every 8 weeks and helping people along the way, if anything being a Big Issue guy I’ll be seeing them a lot more.

The Leukaemia I have is knocking me around a lot more and the symptoms are getting worst so I’m taking longer to get on my feet this time, but know this, I WON’T QUIT and this is only going to slow me down. Also please don’t get the wrong Idea, I have accommodation, but because of my back injuries and now these new Leukaemia symptoms I’m still able to sell the magazines.

I’m trying for this post to not be depressing, but hey I’m depressed writing it. So I’m going to write about the positives here, because I always tell people to look at the positives with everything and it won’t be so bad.

I’ll be seeing a lot more Homeless and be able to stop and chat whenever they feel like someone to talk to.

I can do a lot more of my “Pie and Cokes” buying homeless a meal and sitting with them to chat.

I’ll be earning money WooHoo well if I sell magazines. Haha

When I’m not well I just won’t go to work and I don’t have to worry about doing so many hours or letting a boss down.

In the past some of my customers became my best  mates. Looking to meet more.

I can inspire others to do the same and get on their feet. I hope

Who am I kidding, this is my only choice at the moment so I’m going to make the best of it and suck it up and be the “Best Big Issue Vendor out there” until my health gets better by doing the one great thing Big Issue was meant to be for, helping people to get on their feet. Look out world I’m coming back haha.

I’m letting you all know because if you see me selling the Big Issue magazines please stop and say “Hi” and buy a mag, it’s not that easy standing in the middle of a main corner with strangers walking past trying to not see you.

Thank you for reading my blog and I’m sure while selling Big Issue I’ll have lots of stories to write about again. Have a great day.

Grant the Polite Guy

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Let's help some people

I’m going to be honest now when I say “WooHoo”, in my last post I mentioned about people being able to buy coffee online and have it delivered to their front door. Well let me say I’m now going to be able to help some Homeless people with hours (Training in a coffee shop) after helping them to get on their feet.

I want to say this is going to be an awesome project and I want to thank the people that did buy coffee. Remember every about 2 ½ boxes sold gives me enough to employ an ex-homeless person for an hour and get training and skills that they can take anywhere in life.

You see I use my awesome charity “Signal Flare” to help get homeless and people in need on their feet and then give them hours working in a coffee shop to get training and skills.

I’m on a bit of a natural high right now because only this morning a got a call from Robert who was homeless that I helped over a year and a half ago and he tried thank and encourage me to keep going to help that many more people. After hearing the great success he has been doing, I kept thinking of when I first meet him and I remembered saying that one day he’d make this call.

Listening to him I could have taken on 10 Loins and asked for more because I was so proud of myself. Really it’s a feeling that’s hard to explain. But WooHoo sounds close. Haha

Sorry I went off track there for a second. I’m so pumped to help people that need it most when they need it most.

I’m going to make this post short because I have to get off this computer and get out there and help someone else.

I’m fundraising by pumping coffee that people can buy online and delivered at home, help me to help a lot more people please.

Jemma Gorring put an amazing clip together to show you how great this is. Please share it and LET'S help a lot more people.

or just go to and buy some. If you want to join my team and earn money for yourself or use it to help others then sign up.

People I’m sorry I’m making this short, but I really want to be out there making a difference to people’s lives in a huge way.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day.

Grant the Polite Guy

0412 190 011

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Evocca College is Awesome.

Good times are coming. To be honest I’m thinking something bad is coming because right now everything is going so great. Haha.

I was asked to go to Evocca College on Wednesday morning for a chat about Evocca coming on board and helping with the Homeless BBQ’s we do. I have to say I turned up and meet such awesome people everywhere. Tautala (“T” for short) who is their Vocational Placement Officer gave me the grand tour and nearly everyone there seemed so happy, from the teachers to the students. A really great learning environment.

They even have a community BBQ every Wednesday were they put on a BBQ just to bring out the socializing for everyone to feel more welcome. This is an awesome place.

Now most of you know I don’t write about business that much, but I haven’t told you the best part of this. Haha They asked me there because they do classes for Counselling, Community Services Work, Youth Work and many more and they would like to offer they students that onhands feeling doing something like work placement and working with real people that are in need.

Their offering help with handing out fliers to homeless in the area of when were doing our BBQ’s, helping to setup – pull down our events and of course sitting and talking to the Homeless and People in Need that come to our Homeless and People in Need BBQ’s. Yes a College that gets it, you can’t learn everything from a text book, people we are talking up to 500 students off and on through time, their Ace’s in my book.

Evocca Collage 1800 386 222 or

This is the AWESOME person putting this together so when you see her at our next BBQ (Queens Park, Ipswich on the 27th of April from 10am) please help me to say “thank you” for just being her. AWESOME.


On a different note, I’m very proud to let you all know that yes I was waiting to put a huge shop together in the Valley which will help so many people, but while that’s happening I’ve been working on building up a strong customer base and helping others to make extra money with Organo Gold which I worked out for every 2 ½ boxes earns me enough to pay one Homeless or person in need’s wages to work in the Having a Go shop for one hour. This is exciting because as I’ve said before when I’ve help them on their feet their not trained up yet and lack confidence so at times I want to employ 5 to do the same work as 1 experienced person. But as they work more they will get confidence and learn a skill set to take anywhere.

So if you haven’t bought a box yet please help me to help others and email me on or go to

Yes you can buy it in Germany, U.S.A and most countries.

Thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day.

Grant Richards

Grant the Polite Guy

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